Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Early Detection Saves Lives

Knowing how your breasts normally look and feel is a vital part of your breast health. Therefore, it is important to keep a watchful eye and be aware of changes that could be early signs of breast cancer.

Breast cancer symptoms vary widely, from skin changes to lumps to even swelling, and many breast cancers have no obvious symptoms at all.

The key to survival is early diagnosis and treatment before the cancer has spread beyond the breast.


BCAM Package

Share your breast health journey with your loved ones and sign up for a comprehensive breast screening package*
Specialist Consultation with 3D Mammogram and Ultrasound at $497 (after GST)

Comprehensive Breast Screening Package

3D Mammogram + Ultrasound
Same-day* specialist consultation with our Senior Breast Surgeon at $497 (after GST)

Recommended for woman aged 40 years and above.
Singaporeans and PRs can claim up to $300 from Medisave
*T&Cs apply

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Did You Know?

Breast cancer is curable when detected at its early stages.
It is important to be aware of the changes in your breast and to go for regular screening.

How does 3D Mammogram Help With Early Detection in Breast Cancer?

Multiple studies have shown the benefits of a 3D Mammogram:

Greater Clarity
Fewer False Positives
Better suited for Dense Breasts
Less Pain, More Comfort
Improves Cancer Detection
Reduced Radiation Dose

Ultrasound is a useful supplemental study for detecting breast lesions, particularly for women with dense breasts which are very common in the Asian population.

Find out more about 3D mammogram benefits:

What To Do If I Receive Abnormal Results?

The Importance of Assessment : If your doctor says that you require further assessment or follow-up after you receive your mammogram results, do not panic. Many causes of abnormal mammograms are benign and harmless.

Our breast care team of surgeons and radiologists will be able to guide you through any assessment within 24hours, including diagnostic mammogram, ultrasound, and/or biopsy.

Don’t let a long wait time add to your worries.


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