Dr Lee Wai Peng

Senior Consultant & Breast Surgeon
MBBS (Singapore), MRCS (Edin), M MED(Surgery), FRCS (Edin), FAMS

Dr Lee Wai Peng is a Senior Consultant and Breast Surgeon and she specialises in treating benign and malignant breast conditions. Prior to joining Solis, she was a Senior Consultant and an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Changi General Hospital (CGH), a position she grew into following the completion of her advanced specialty training in general surgery in 2014. She strives to provide holistic and individualised care with a personal touch for ladies with breast conditions and is a strong advocate for encompassing cosmesis with surgical therapy.

Training and Qualifications

In April 2007, Dr Lee obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine and Surgery at the National University of Singapore. Soon after, she travelled to the UK to acquire her membership qualifications under the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh and started her subspecialty training in General Surgery. She went on to complete her Masters in Surgery at the National University of Singapore in 2014.

In the same year, she completed her advanced training and attained her fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. Four years later, she was recognised as a Fellow of the Academy of Medicine Singapore in General Surgery. She subsequently completed observership in renowned centres in Japan and UK, to keep herself abreast of newer advanced surgical techniques to allow more patients to benefit from different options of breast conservation surgery. She is also an appointed member of the Singapore Society of Oncology.


Dr Lee is the recipient of numerous service awards including the Eastern Health Alliance Service Award (2012), SingHealth 10 Year Long Service Award (2017), Singapore Health Quality Service Silver Award (2018), and the Singapore Health Quality Gold Award (2020). More recently, she had participated in Changi General Hospital Improvement Festival 2021 where her efforts for putting together a post-operation brochure and kit for breast cancer patients were recognised.

Research Interests

When not engaged in clinical work, you’ll find Dr Lee passionately engaged in research on methodologies to help breast cancer patients improve their quality of life. To this day, she continues to be actively involve in publishing clinical findings and is also a regular reviewer in various international journals.Some of her ongoing research includes understanding the prevalence of breast cancer-related lymphedema after treatment at CGH and its associated impact on quality-of-life outcomes; evaluating the role of contrast-enhanced ultrasound as a predictive diagnostic tool in complex breast cysts; exploring the presence of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) effect on the survival outcome of invasive breast cancer; and much more. Her most recent interest is to explore the role and impact of metabolic syndrome on breast cancer patients and their prognosis.

Read Articles By Dr Lee Wai Peng
Medical Publications By Dr Lee Wai Peng

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