Comprehensive And Accurate Diagnosis

Drawing from our collective experience and expertise, we take pride in providing you with thorough and accurate diagnoses. If you are experiencing any breast symptoms, book your appointment with us now.

We Can Help You With:

  • Symptoms related to breast pain, lumps and abnormal nipple discharge

  • Treatment of breast infections related to breastfeeding, breast abscesses

  • Counselling of surveillance and treatment of the high-risk woman with family history of breast cancer or BRCA mutation carriers

  • Breast screening and clinical breast examination for healthy women

  • Evaluation and work up of abnormal screening or diagnostic mammograms and ultrasounds and/or biopsy results

  • Evaluation and work up of breast symptoms including breast lump/s, nipple discharge, pain and breast feeding related infections

It’s common for women’s breasts to be a different size or shape from each other. Women who have periods may notice their breasts change at different times of the month. A woman’s breasts also change through pregnancy and menopause.

Before a period, a woman’s breasts may feel tender and lumpy. During pregnancy, a woman’s breasts go through a lot of changes. After menopause, when the body makes less oestrogen, the breasts may change in size and feel softer or less full. It’s important to be aware of how your breasts feel and look at different times. You should know what is normal for you.